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The IFN Platform Includes

Cover Stories

A weekly in-house authored cover story focusing on the biggest issues and current developments directly impacting the global Islamic financial markets.

IFN Reports

A series of in-house authored industry-focused reports covering the all-important topics with a no-holds barred approach; we tackle the subjects others dare not.

News Briefs

Comprehensive coverage of all the industry news in a perfect bite-sized format.

Case Studies

The industry’s largest library of transactions emerging from the Islamic capital markets accompanied by a concise and exclusive term sheet.

Sovereign Securities

A weekly round-up of all the recent sovereign issuances, announcements and activities from around the globe.

Firm & Fund Focus

Regular reports focusing on new Shariah compliant funds, investment opportunities, and the firms behind them.


Leading industry practitioners share their thoughts and insights on the industry at large, providing regular updates on the trends, influences and direction of the fastest-growing sectors of the Islamic financial world.


One-on-ones with leading industry practitioners provide you with the opportunity to understand more about the individuals leading the Islamic financial institutions.

Weekly Reviews

Every Friday we provide a quick-fire review of the week just past.

Monthly Reviews

A comprehensive review of the month just past.


The largest collection of audio interviews with Islamic finance industry captains. Available on all mobile devices.


IFN-TV, our dedicated video platform, houses the industry’s largest catalogue of interviews, roundtable discussions and forums, including all past IFN events.

IFN Country & Sector Analysis

In-depth primary analytical research reports on the industry’s top 100 country and sectors.

Shariah Pronouncements

Practical Fatwa including full disclosure brought to you by leading scholars.

Shariah Standards

A comprehensive guide to all published standards, in chronological order and grouped under the respective standard setting bodies of AAOIFI, IFSB, and IIFM.

IFN Correspondents

A series of expert country and sector reports from our team of over 100 IFN Correspondents.

Back To Basics

A weekly educative column on the global Islamic banking and finance industry in the modern financial world.


Focused reports written by the industry’s leading practitioners, regulators and scholars providing you with genuine and authoritative practical knowledge of the industry.

Industry Association Coverage

Reports and updates on the latest developments and happenings at Islamic finance industry associations.

Special Reports

The industry’s leading practitioners, regulators, scholars and academicians author exclusive thought-provoking reports on the most pertinent topics.

Deal Tracker

A comprehensive list featuring the most recently announced, but not completed, transactions.

Securities Data

Essential data on the performance of the Islamic finance industry’s bonds, loans and project finance markets.

Shariah Indices

Exclusive access to a series of Shariah indices, tracking the global Shariah markets.


The largest most comprehensive glossary on Islamic finance terms. Alternatively, search by the English equivalent, click and view all articles and reports featured within the IFN archives.

IFN Repository

A dedicated source of research for Islamic finance academics and professionals alike, the IFN Repository houses research reports and theses submitted by leading academicians and scholars

Research Reports

Generate comprehensive personalized research reports according to your specific requirements.

Practical Knowledge & Application

The ability to browse through content using a cutting-edge 360-degree search engine, through hyperlinked terms and company directory search, with a simple click.

Interactive Company Directory

With over 10,000 organizations including central banks, commercial banks, asset management firms, law firms, consultancies and educational institutions on the platform, by clicking on their hyperlink, you will be taken to a comprehensive list of all their activities, allowing you to know the industry players like never before.

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