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Latest News - Friday, 14 January 2022

Daily Cover Story: IFN Weekly Round-up: 8th – 14th January 2022

A new initiative from the IsDB and Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation looks at private sector financing for green infrastructure projects. Saudi National Bank, the Kingdom’s largest bank resulting from the NCB–Samba merger, issued its first green Sukuk, while new Islamic...

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Cover Story: IFN Best Banks Poll 2021: Another year older, another year wiser…

As we roll into our third year of coronavirus chaos, the world is a very different place to the one we entered at the start of 2020. But while the past two years have thrown...

Editor's Note

Best banks galore

We are delighted to reveal the results of the illustrious IFN Best Banks Poll 2021! After yet another turbulent year, Islamic banks have pulled through and the most outstanding ones have been acknowledged by their...

IFN Case Study

Ekovest returns to market with latest Sukuk

Over five years after its last Sukuk issuance in 2016, Malaysia-based building and construction company Ekovest has launched an Islamic paper worth RM150 million (US$35.67 million) to kick off the new year. NESSREEN TAMANO has...

IFN Sovereign Securities

Sovereign Securities: Pakistan auctions Sukuk Ijarah to plug budget gap

Pakistani government’s Sukuk Ijarah issuance garners strong interest from investors while regular issuers keep up momentum .JEVITHA MUTHUSAMY rounds up Shariah sovereign securities developments over the week. Pakistan...

IFN Country Analysis

Lebanon: Urgent need for recovery

Lebanon is still reeling from the past couple of years, which have been characterized by the nation's worst economic and financial crisis to date. NESSREEN TAMANO writes an overview of the Islamic banking and finance...

IFN Sector Analysis

Cybersecurity: The future of financial stability and cyber risk

Over the past few years, banks have reported their growing concerns over cybersecurity risk and technology risk by placing them among the top three on the risk dashboard. JEVITHA MUTHUSAMY takes a look at the...

IFN Monthly Review


The year 2022 seems to be off to a good start as 2021 wraps up on a strong note, preparing the new year for a flurry of new activities and developments. IFN reviews key highlights...

IFN Awards

IFN Awards

The Islamic Finance news Awards honor the best in the Islamic financial industry and are one of the most prestigious awards highly recognized by the global Islamic capital markets. These awards continue to be an apt representation of the current Islamic financial market landscape.

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Invest Shariah Corporate Conversation 2022

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  • A weekly educative column on Islamic banking and finance today

    Safeguarding investors’ return on Sukuk Ijarah

    Unfortunately, I did not receive any correct response to my question of if the lessor was asked to bear the cost of all major maintenance to the Sukuk asset, how shall the risk of diminution or decrease in the return or profit to the Sukukholders be addressed? Let me first explain the question which may not have been correctly posed by me. If the lessor is required, as per Shariah principles, to bear the cost of keeping the leased asset in good working condition, it will need to spend the money to do so. This is irrespective of the nature...

IFN Correspondent Reports

  • The Philippines  

    BSP’s MoU with AAOIFI

    The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) recently signed an MoU with AAOIFI as part of the BSP’s program to promote Islamic banking in the Philippines. BSP Deputy Governor Chuchi G Fonacier and Sheikh Ebrahim Khalifa Al Khalifa of AAOIFI signed the MoU during the AAOIFI–Islamic Development Bank 16th Annual Conference. According to BSP Governor Benjamin...

  • Afghanistan

    Islamic banking system of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime

    It has been more than four months since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Following the Taliban takeover, all banks were closed for two weeks. How could people possibly have survived? In a country where all transactions are cash-based, people faced financial difficulties at that time. After two weeks, the Taliban ordered banks to reopen...

  • Bangladesh

    IsDB empowers future banking and finance leaders in nine countries including Bangladesh

    The IsDB will work with other international organization to provide a financial education program for university students in nine countries in Asia and Africa. The nine IsDB member countries involved in the program are Bangladesh, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan. As per a statement, the IsDB will announce the participating...

  • Qatar

    Mega merger successfully completed

    Masraf Al Rayan (MAR) and Al Khalij Commercial Bank (Al Khaliji) have completed their merger, and were considered as one legal entity bearing the name Masraf Al Rayan from the 1st December 2021. The legal merger creates one of the largest Shariah compliant lenders in the region with around US$50 billion in total assets. The...

  • Education

    Does the level of Islamic finance knowledge of Islamic bank employees impact the size of Islamic banking sector?

    Today, apart from Iran and Sudan, where the whole Islamic banking sector is ‘labeled’ Islamic, all Muslim countries strive to reach a strategic share in assets. The goal is varied from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and the general goal is to reach 15%. What is the rationale underlying this objective? Why do emerging nations like Indonesia,...

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