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Latest News - Sunday, 19 May 2024

Daily Cover Story: IFN Weekly Round-up: 11th – 17th May 2024

An Islamic finance company partnered with a local insurer to promote Takaful in Cameroon, the Philippines’s Muslim region announced a new Shariah compliant financing facility is in the works and two GCC companies issued green Sukuk facilities while two other...

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Cover Story: Themes for the future

Digital innovation and sustainability — the two driving forces shaping the future of Islamic finance. What are the biggest themes and challenges surrounding these two, particularly within the context of asset management? Experts share their...

Editor's Note

Where’s the money at?

Tokenization is where the money is, and transition finance could be the poster child for Islamic ESG finance — these were what practitioners arrived at following lively debates at the successful IFN Investor Middle East...

IFN Case Study

Rawabi Holding Company’s Sukuk: A record issuance

Rawabi Holding Company, an oilfield and industrial services provider headquartered in Saudi Arabia, broke its own record with its latest fundraising effort through a Sukuk issuance. NESSREEN TAMANO writes. The company concluded its largest-ever Saudi...

IFN Sovereign Securities

Sovereign Securities: Pakistan to issue green Sukuk

This week, the Pakistani government announced its plan to issue green Sukuk this year. Regular issuers Malaysia, Bangladesh, The Gambia, Kuwait, Qatar and Turkiye launched Islamic papers. HANIF...

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IFN Country Analysis

Iran: Growing the Islamic finance market

As a country that runs a fully Shariah compliant financial system in an official capacity, Iran is regarded as a major player in the global Islamic finance and banking industry. NESSREEN TAMANO writes an overview...

IFN Sector Analysis

Trade finance: Expect a rebound

The poly-crisis of surging inflation, costly commodities, geopolitical upheavals and supply chain troubles adversely impacted global trade volumes including in OIC nations. However, things are looking up this year. VINEETA TAN reviews the sector. Overview...

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Uganda takes on Islamic banking with the launch of its first-ever fully-fledged Islamic bank, Oman’s newly established Financial Services Authority issued a legislation to encourage innovative Sukuk products and Canada announced it will be looking into easing its Muslim community’s access to Halal mortgage financing....

IFN Awards

IFN Awards

The Islamic Finance news Awards honor the best in the Islamic financial industry and are one of the most prestigious awards highly recognized by the global Islamic capital markets. These awards continue to be an apt representation of the current Islamic financial market landscape.

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  • A weekly educative column on Islamic banking and finance today

    Schools of thought: Madhhab — Part 2

    Going through Islamic history, I find it highly mysterious the often-tragic end of so many scholars, starting from the very beginning of Islam in the shape of As-Hab Al Suffa who were taken by the people pretending to be new Muslims to the two faraway places outside Medina with the permission of Prophet Muhammad on the pretext of learning Quran and Islamic teachings from them but were brutally killed as it turned out to be a trap. Such a massive loss of so many lives from As-Hab Al Suffa exposed the new Islamic society to a potential knowledge vacuum as...

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  • Education

    Decolonizing Islamic finance education

    My writing for this month's column is inspired by a recent academic discourse I attended, delivered by Professor Dr Asad Zaman, a distinguished scholar in the field of Islamic economics. Titled ‘Decolonizing of Education: An Islamic Perspective’, the lecture triggered profound contemplation. Despite its lengthy duration, I found satisfaction in understanding Professor Dr Asad's insights,...

  • Bangladesh

    Shariah-based merger in Bangladesh: Exim Bank absorbs Padma Bank

    In a bid to strengthen governance and stability within Bangladesh's banking sector, the Shariah-based Exim Bank is set to acquire the troubled Padma Bank, marking the commencement of a series of planned mergers orchestrated by Bangladesh Bank. The merged bank will operate by Shariah principles. This transformative endeavor is part of Bangladesh Bank's overarching initiative...

  • Takaful & re-Takaful (Asia)

    Malaysia — proposal for a post-retirement medical Takaful scheme

    Malaysia, like many other countries, is becoming an aging nation due to declining fertility and increasing life expectancy. Based on information from the Malaysia Population Research Hub, 10.7% of its population is aged above 60 in 2020 compared with 7.9% in 2010. This percentage is projected to increase to 15.3% by 2030. With an aging...

  • Algeria    

    ‘New Algeria’ vision shapes future of Islamic banking in Algeria

    ‘New Algeria’ is the current vision of Algeria’s president, Teboun Abdelmadjid; a commitment to engage in various reforms with the purpose of not only enhancing the daily lives of the Algerian people but also attracting foreign investors. The promulgation of the new Law of Currency and Banking No 23-09 in mid-2023 is expected to enhance...

  • Somaliland    

    Somaliland National Insurance Authority rolls out new Takaful scheme

    In a landmark move aimed at bolstering road safety across Somaliland, the Somaliland National Insurance Authority (SLNIA) announced the introduction of the comprehensive Third-Party Car Takaful Scheme, set to launch on the 1st June 2024. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the nation's efforts to reduce accidents and mitigate the financial burden of...

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