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IFN Investors Report 2018

There is no denying that Halal investments are becoming a global phenomenon, yet it is also a fact that many investors, including Muslims, are still unfamiliar what Shariah investments entail. The pervasive misconception and lack of public awareness continue to be a hurdle for the sector, compelling many Islamic investment managers to reinvent themselves.

One major transformation, or transition rather, is that managers and service providers are aligning themselves with the ESG/SRI movement. We are also seeing industry participants exploring new distribution channels and strategies with technology at the core of their efforts. Needless to say, the status quo of the Islamic investment management space, like its conventional counterpart, is being shaken with the advent of new fintech players.

In this report, we have curated a series of analytical and editorial articles highlighting the latest trends and developments in the Islamic investment space. We will also be sharing with readers key themes and insights from IFN Investors Forum 2018 as discussed by industry leaders.