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Sukuk and the Islamic capital markets

Backed by rising liquidity and sound financials, Dubai as become a hotbed for investors – domestic and international – looking to take advantage of the region’s growing economy and increasing curiosity among local issuers and investors on the prospects of Shariah compliant finance.  How has or will Dubai attract issuers (both domestic and international) to use Dubai as the issuing center?

In April 2015 a group of industry-leading regional and international experts gathered together at the DIFC in Dubai to conduct a high-level discussion on current and future of Sukuk and the Islamic capital market With a broad range of perspectives including from the regulatory, practitioner, legal and investor angles, the debate sought to uncover the key trends and developments in the local, regional and global Sukuk market both currently and going forward: identifying the major challenges and opportunities for the industry to develop and discussing how Dubai could support that growth in its bid to become a central hub for the Islamic economy. 

Islamic Finance news was delighted to bring together the comprehensive knowledge and experience of leading industry experts to achieve a rewarding and challenging panel debate. 


Ahsan Ali
Managing Director,
Head of Islamic Origination
Standard Chartered Saadiq

Nabil Issa
King & Spalding Middle East

Rizwan Kanji
King & Spalding

Khalid Howladar
Global Head of Islamic finance,
Moody’s Investors Service

Basheer Ahmed
Senior Manager, Markets,

Mohieddine Kronfol
Chief Investment Officer,
Franklin Templeton Investments