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Africa: The sleeping giant

The August IFN Supplement will focus on Africa, home to the world’s most resource-rich nations, and considered a strong emerging market for Islamic finance.

Recognized for its wealth in commodities and raw materials, Africa is fast becoming a significant player in the financial realm, including Islamic finance.

The latest development in its Islamic capital markets and investment space will be comprehensively covered in this report.

Countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa are visibly increasing their commitment to growing their respective Islamic banking and investment space, and are starting to see an influx of investments from Asia and the Middle East.

We will delve into the growth prospects for this rich and diverse continent, and the investment prospects that lie ahead for Islamic investors.

The cover story will focus on where Islamic finance lies with respect to the financial intermediaries’ plans for the future and what the local regulatory bodies are doing to aid its growth. Other in-house authored features will focus on trade and project financing, Sino-African ties and the huge potential both the microfinance and Takaful industries may play in the future growth of Islamic finance in the African continent at large.

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