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Dubai Islamic Economic Roundtable 2014 SERIES 3

A group of leading industry experts recently gathered at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) under the aegis of IFN and the Dubai financial authorities to discuss the challenges and opportunities of liquidity management within the industry; to discuss the requirements needed to develop the short to medium-term instruments that the Islamic finance industry needs to manage liquidity; and to evaluate and identify potential solutions to develop the Islamic money market going forward.

Islamic Finance news was delighted to bring together the experience and expertise of industry stalwarts including Moinuddin Malim, Cassim Docrat, Basheer Ahmed and Fadi Yazbeck. The panel comprised representatives from a wide range of sectors and thus achieved an exceptional confluence of diverse and compelling perspectives from the regulatory, technological, service provider and capital markets arenas.

The discussion was extensive and animated, spanning the full reach of the liquidity management landscape and generating bold new ideas and suggestions for solutions to improve the situation that were both innovative and adventurous. IFN is delighted to present a unique and untrammeled examination on one of the most compelling issues in Islamic finance, from some of the most open and innovative minds in the industry.

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Moinuddin Malim
Senior Advisor

Cassim Docrat

Basheer Ahmed
Senior Manager, Markets
Dubai Financial Services Authority

Fadi Yazbeck
Product Manager – Islamic Banking