IFN Islamic Sustainable Investing Thought Leadership Report

The synergy between Islamic and Sustainable investing is vast and their convergence inevitable.

ESG Sukuk reached US$4.6 billion in 2020 and all signs point toward massive, continued growth as demand increases. As demand grows, the need for innovation is high. New investment products and opportunities are required and that only means one thing – Thought Leadership.

IFN is delighted to announce the IFN Islamic Sustainable Investing Thought Leadership Report, a series of thought-provoking reports, case studies and opportunities from the industry’s leaders and innovators. Coupled with interviews, news and data, the Report will be distributed to a truly global targeted audience of over 50,000, in addition to coverage across all IFN Social Media platforms. Additionally, exclusive one-on-one Podcasts with each of these leaders will be produced and released in conjunction with the Report’s release in November.

If you are a leading financial institution or intermediary with a focus on Islamic sustainable finance, this is for you.

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Report’s Content

Cover Story: An insightful, informed, and nuanced piece on global Shariah compliant sustainable investing featuring commentary from the Podcasts.

Market Survey: Results and commentary following the undertaking of data-driven primary research on the opinions, concerns, views, trends, and opportunities in the global Islamic sustainable investing market.

Review: A full review of all the key stories, transactions, regulations, and news from the global Islamic sustainable investing market in 2021.

Market Leaders: Views and overviews from leading independent leaders, associations, and academics.

Thought Leadership: A collection of Thought Leadership reports, Case Studies, and Investment Opportunities from the industry’s pioneers and luminaries.

IFN Islamic Sustainable Investing Thought Leadership Report Coming November 2021