IFN Deals of the Year – Submission Guidelines

Closing date for submissions: Friday, 17th December 2021

IFN is pleased to announce that submissions for the 16th IFN Deals of the Year Awards are now open!

Islamic Finance news is the industry’s leading news provider and authority on the Islamic banking and finance industry. With a global readership in excess of 50,000 industry practitioners and regulators, the IFN Deals of the Year Awards offer the winners a truly global audience and a phenomenal vehicle in which to reach ones clients, potential clients and peers.

There are 16 global categories this year, in addition to the individual country awards.

Below is the full list of categories for which accolades will be awarded. Individual deals may be nominated for more than one category. However, only one deal per category. Submission guidelines and a list of criteria are also provided.

The Categories

    • Deal of the Year
    • Best Country Deals*
    • Cross Border
    • Corporate Finance
    • Most Innovative
    • Trade Finance
    • Perpetual Sukuk
    • Project & Infrastructure Finance
    • Real Estate
  • Regulatory Capital
  • Restructuring
  • Social Impact
  • Sovereign
  • Structured Finance
  • Sukuk
  • Syndicated Finance
  • Waqf

* Country accolades will be awarded to those countries which have witnessed a minimum of three placements during the calendar year. Verification may be required of these transactions.

Financial institutions and intermediaries are invited to submit their chosen transactions from the previous 12 months, which fall under one of the carefully selected sectors. A panel of experts from non-competing organizations then sieve through all submissions during the elimination process and judge based on a variety of criteria (including deal impact, significance and complexity as well as time-to-market, challenges overcome, deal uniqueness and issuer profile among others), until just one transaction in each category remains and is thus awarded the winner of that category. You might find this odd, but size and pricing are rarely important factors. Tell us a compelling reason for your deal – what made it an object of envy to your competitors? What would an industry outsider find remarkable? Each win will be justified by the IFN Awards Board and published in IFN.

Submission Guidelines

  • Only one submission per category; however, the same deal may be nominated for more than one category
  • Only deals executed from the 1st January 2021 and concluded before the submission for IFN Deals of the Year are eligible for consideration; submission of deals with expected closure dates will not be accepted
  • Submission for each category must be no more than two pages in length, in bullet form, and in Microsoft Excel, Word or PDF format
  • State clearly at the top of the deal page which categories that particular deal is being nominated for; if it is not clearly stated, it will not be considered
  • For any information pertaining to the deal that you do not wish IFN to publish (results report) please highlight as ‘CONFIDENTIAL’; however, please take note that the following will be made public:
    • Issuer name
    • Instrument type and structure
    • Arrangers
    • Legal counsels
    • Deal’s country of origination
  • Submission period for deals that close between the 15th December – 31st December, will be extended until 11.59pm (GMT+8) the 31st December 2021
  • All submissions should be emailed exclusively to: [email protected]
  • Results will be announced in the Wednesday, the 19th January 2022 issue of Islamic Finance news

Submissions criteria to include the following (where applicable): Instrument, Issuer, Issuer principal activities, Issue size & Pricing, Date, Issuances, Bookrunner, Arrangers, Legal counsel for issuer, Legal counsel for arrangers, Shariah advisor, Guarantor, Trustee, Shariah advisor, Method of issue, Purpose of issue, Rating, Roadshows, Subscription, Investors, Time, and a short brief on why this deal is being nominated. Make sure that your brief tells the story of why the deal is important. Uniqueness and innovation are not the only factors, but they help to distinguish deals.

The decision of the IFN Awards Board is final. A short brief will be published for each award justifying the board’s decision. All criteria of the submitted deals will be considered.


  • Awards will only be given for categories with a minimum of three qualified submissions
  • The IFN Advisory Board may include a deal in categories it was not nominated for if the board evaluate the deal to be fitting

Awards Dinners
As always, we will be hosting the two annual awards ceremonies congratulating the winners next year.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of your deals then please contact Andrew Morgan at [email protected]