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IFN Oman Report 2020

In a country that came relatively late to the Islamic finance party, Oman has forged ahead with a combination of robust regulatory support, strong investor appetite and cutting-edge innovation. This year, the virtual format of the annual IFN Forum might have been a little different, but the discussion was as interesting and insightful as ever. Join us as we take you through the highlights and present you with a carefully curated selection of exclusive features and reports on the Omani industry in this IFN Oman Report 2020.
Thursday, 24 Dec 2020

IFN UK Report 2020

As the UK prepares to leave the EU for good, the political atmosphere in the country might be uncertain – but one thing is for sure: its commitment to building Islamic financial alternatives remains strong. Featuring the successful IFN UK OnAir Forum 2020, the IFN UK Report 2020 explores the most exciting domestic opportunities and inward investment avenues within a market that continues to grow from strength to strength.
Friday, 18 Dec 2020

IFN Annual Guide 2021

The storm shall pass Volatility is built into the DNA of the financial markets and while we may embrace and live by this truth, nothing could have prepared us for what 2020 unleashed. To say that the COVID-19 pandemic ground the world to a halt is perhaps not an overstatement. Economies paralyzed, borders shut, governments scrambling to find a solution as the number of infectious cases and deaths continued to climb – such chaos at such a scale, is unprecedented. One year on since the coronavirus bared its fangs, we are still navigating this “new” normal, with many still hoping to return to pre-pandemic normalcy – although that is unlikely, at least not for a few years as the damage caused has been so severe. It has been a painfully challenging year, with lives and livelihoods lost. For the optimistic, it has been a period of real test of the industry’s resilience; and resilient the industry has been. If we look at the Sukuk asset class, the industry’s poster child: we see that the market showcased encouraging figures with more Sukuk issued in the first three quarters of 2020 at US$130 billion against the same period in 2019. The return...
Friday, 18 Dec 2020

IFN Asia Report 2020

Anchoring major players such as Malaysia and Indonesia, the Asian Islamic capital market has long led the global industry, not only in size, but also in innovation and diversification. Home to numerous other ambitious regional players such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, the Maldives and Sri Lanka, the Asian continent is riding high in the field of Islamic finance and attracting the interest of a multitude of global investors. The IFN Asia Report 2020, featuring our flagship IFN Asia Forum 2020, explores some of the most exciting opportunities – and biggest challenges – facing the industry today.
Friday, 11 Dec 2020

IFN Nigeria Report 2020

Nigeria is at the top of its game — a regional leader in Islamic finance, the West African giant continues to grow its Shariah finance clout. So, what is next for the country? Experts took the stage at the inaugural IFN Nigeria OnAir Forum and we are pleased to share the findings, along with a series of Nigeria-focused articles in the IFN Nigeria Report 2020.
Tuesday, 01 Dec 2020

IFN Saudi Report 2020

Saudi Arabia is a global bastion for the Islamic finance industry, accounting for an estimated 20% of total Islamic assets in the GCC. With a spate of mergers and acquisitions in 2020 to strengthen its banking and Takaful market, a growing Islamic fund industry and a promising debt capital market, this report explores how the Kingdom continues to forge a role for itself as one of the biggest and most influential Islamic finance markets in the world.
Friday, 27 Nov 2020

IFN Halal Finance Report 2020

The Halal industry is a booming multitrillion dollar sector brimming with immense potential even attracting non-Muslim nations. The IFN Halal Report 2020 is a collection of carefully curated articles on the opportunities for Halal financing as well as a deep dive into the discussions during the inaugural IFN Halal Finance Forum which gathered the movers, shakers and bankers that are both forging and financing this new commercial reality.
Monday, 23 Nov 2020

IFN Turkey Report 2020

A rising star of Islamic finance, Turkey intends to grow its participation banking industry to account 15% of total banking assets by 2025. The IFN Turkey Report 2020 features insights into the Turkish Islamic banking landscape, its growth strategy, challenges and opportunities.
Monday, 16 Nov 2020

IFN Kuwait Report 2020

Already an important market for Islamic finance and with a long-standing commitment to Shariah banking, recent regulatory developments in Kuwait have paved the way for yet further growth, allowing the country to stretch its wings as a pioneer within the Islamic finance industry. The IFN Kuwait Report features carefully curated articles and proceedings from the IFN Kuwait OnAir Forum 2020 covering the State’s latest achievements and tremendous Islamic finance potential.
Friday, 06 Nov 2020

Bank Rakyat Integrity Forum 2020 Report

Bank Rakyat and REDmoney Group, a renowned Islamic finance media and service provider, have launched the anticipated 'Bank Rakyat Integrity Forum 2020 – Institutionalization of Reforms in the New Malaysia' report. The Bank Rakyat Integrity Forum 2020 report was derived from the event of the same name earlier this year. The report focuses on the realignment of strategy to meet the Bank Rakyat Strategy known as BR25. Bank Rakyat is recognized as one of the fastest-growing Islamic finance institutions in Asia and beyond and is looking to mark its first step in transformation by incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals through its own value chain.
Wednesday, 28 Oct 2020


The IFN Innovate OnAir Forum Report features proceedings from the two-day virtual event. Discussions canvassed digital and fintech innovations in the realms of Shariah banking and investments.
Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

IFN Singapore Report 2020

Straddling two Islamic giants, Singapore faces serious competition from its neighbors but as one of the world’s most advanced financial markets, it still holds opportunities in Islamic finance. As experts deliberated at the IFN Singapore OnAir Forum 2020, it is all about finding a niche.
Friday, 16 Oct 2020

Awards Report 2019

It is our absolute honor to be celebrating the very best of the industry, captains who continue to display a spirit of ingenuity while remaining true to the principles of finance for good, elevating the global Islamic finance sector to the next level.
Monday, 12 Oct 2020

IFN Indonesia Report 2020

The IFN Indonesia Report 2020 is an exploration of Islamic finance opportunities in the world's largest Muslim nation. It features the proceedings of the IFN Indonesia OnAir Forum, with perspectives from industry leaders on whether the Islamic finance giant has already awakened.
Friday, 09 Oct 2020

IFN Financial Innovation Report 2020

From the world’s leading Islamic finance news provider, this is the IFN Financial Innovation Report 2020 – a bespoke report exploring the latest trends, opportunities and analyses of Islamic fintech and digital innovation in Shariah finance across a multitude of verticals and key Islamic financial markets.
Monday, 31 Aug 2020

Islamic Fintech & Digital Financial Inclusion Report

IFN and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation are pleased to release the Islamic Fintech & Digital Financial Inclusion Report. The findings of the report are based on the input of senior decision-makers and leaders from the Islamic finance industry, including the government, regulators and fintech community, given during the ‘Islamic Fintech Dialogue 2020: Driving Financial Inclusion through Islamic Fintech’. Key highlights: Islamic fintech stakeholders identify nine strategic priority areas that will further reinforce and enhance financial inclusion in Malaysia Key priorities include setting up a national Islamic fintech taskforce, developing smart partnerships and enhancing digital and Islamic finance literacy Findings are in line with the Malaysian government’s Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 Malaysia is well positioned to develop a compelling Islamic fintech proposition, particularly in Islamic social finance
Wednesday, 22 Jul 2020

IFN Annual Guide 2020

Darkest before dawn As we were wrapping up 2019, the editorial tone was rather optimistic. After a year of what many would have described as challenging, it was encouraging to see challenges in 2018 being turned into opportunities in the following year, translating into positive developments for the global Islamic finance landscape as the industry experienced a stronger Sukuk market, a banking sector which was becoming more streamlined, the introduction of a number of supporting regulations and the increasing proactive alignment of the Shariah finance community with the principles of sustainability, and of course, the tantalizing promise of greater convergence between the Islamic finance sector and the Halal industry. Such progress was rooted mostly in stronger energy prices and some semblance of stability or at least, less uncertainty, as the US and China finally settled on a ‘phase one’ agreement which would ease some trade war tensions. Demand for Sukuk rose by 6% to US$130 billion according to Moody’s Investors Service after a 10% volume contraction in 2018, as issuers and investors alike breathed a sigh of relief at the conclusion of the Dana Gas Sukuk scandal which shook market confidence the year before. The scandal, which was one of...
Thursday, 07 May 2020

MDEC Islamic Fintech Report

A collaborative endeavor with stakeholders of the Islamic fintech ecosystem, this report deep dives into the fast-accelerating industry and provides a snapshot at what it has to offer in Malaysia. Within are the latest facts on the opportunities Malaysia has to offer in the Shariah fintech sector. This also includes the challenges it faces. More importantly, it highlights suggestions from the community. Among them are major pointers on how to best address marketplace gaps and other key recommendations that can drive the Islamic fintech agenda forward.
Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020

IFN Pakistan Report 2019

Thursday, 20 Feb 2020

The Green & Sustainable Finance report

Southeast Asia's finest gather at the IFN Green & Sustainable Finance Forum to exchange opinions regarding the opportunities presented by the growth of ethical, sustainable and responsible finance to the Islamic banking, finance and investment industry Through a series of engaging keynotes, interviews and panels, event speakers and attendees explored how Islamic and sustainable finance can become more closely interlinked, and how Shariah compliant financial institutions and asset managers can play a greater role toward the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including the alleviation of disease and reduction of global displacement. Experts also examined how the Islamic finance industry can, through effective guidance and funding, help facilitate the development of key, strategic sectors, including education, healthcare, housing and agriculture.
Monday, 10 Feb 2020

IFN 15th Anniversary Special

IFN is pleased to bring the IFN 15th Anniversary Special. We’ve reviewed how the industry we all serve has developed over the past decade and a half. Over 70 key markets and sectors are covered in this special with leading practitioners are authoring 15-year reviews to demonstrate how Islamic finance has evolved.
Friday, 31 Jan 2020

Real Estate Investment Summit Report 2019

Wednesday, 15 Jan 2020

Americas 2019

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

Kuwait 2019

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

Saudi 2019

Thursday, 28 Nov 2019

Turkey 2019

Friday, 15 Nov 2019

Morocco 2019

Thursday, 07 Nov 2019

Singapore 2019

In the last two years, the Lion City has seen more movement on the ground: more foreign banks have begun opening dedicated Islamic finance desks in the city, leveraging Singapore’s international stature and infrastructure to tap international flows; more deals are being closed; and more Islamic fintech initiatives are being rolled out.
Friday, 01 Nov 2019

UK 2019

IFN returned to UK, widely recognized aa the Islamic finance hub of Europe, being the region's most popular destinations for Sukuk listings and being home to one of the largest communities of Islamic FinTech startups. The discussions this year revolved around the theme of the uncertainty around Brexit, financial institutions jumping ship to sustainability while ethically conscious entities are exploring Islamic finance to widen their portfolio.
Monday, 21 Oct 2019

Indonesia 2019

Indonesia's finest gather at IFN Indonesia Forum to exchange thoughts and opinions regarding the most talked-about segments in the industry IFN returned to Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation for the 9th year in a row. The Republic is armed with a strong political will and has a firm grip on its title as a world-class Sukuk contender, issuing more sovereign Sukuk than any other nations globally. This year's IFN Indonesia Forum reflected perfectly the exciting evolution of the Islamic finance market. The integration and synergy between the Halal industry and the Islamic finance sector dominated the discussions, as well as digital evolution.
Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019

Asia 2016

Asia’s finest gather at IFN Asia Forum to exchange thoughts and opinions regarding the most talked-about segments in the industry IFN returned to Kuala Lumpur with its prestigious IFN Asia Forum, a two-day event with a renewed focus on issuers and investors on the 23rd – 24th April 2019. Malaysia, a pioneer in Islamic finance proved to be a glo0bal stage for Islamic finance experts globally with engaging panel discussions and presentations. Here’s an outlook of what went down at IFN Asia forum 2019.
Wednesday, 25 Sep 2019

Africa 2019

Africa's finest gather for the IFN Africa Roadshow to offer a take on the latest developments of Islamic finance The inaugural IFN Africa Roadshow brought us to three stunning countries in different corners of the continent: Nigeria in the west, Kenya in the east and South Africa at the southernmost tip. Described as the next frontier for Islamic finance, and rightly so, Africa, which accounts for a quarter of the global Muslim population, holds much promise. The success of the inaugural IFN African Roadshow is testament to the Islamic finance fabric of Africa, and we are pleased to launch the first African report. Content has been carefully curated and produced to provide an insightful overview of the region, while keeping in mind the uniqueness of different markets, and we hope you will find this a beneficial read.
Tuesday, 06 Aug 2019

Islamic Asset Management 10th Anniversary Investment Forum

Nomura Islamic Asset Management recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary. To commemorate this special occasion and to demonstrate continued commitment to Islamic Asset Management, the organisation hosted the Nomura Islamic Asset Management 10th Anniversary Forum – bringing together clients, partners and key stakeholders. The forum focused on themes surrounding sustainability, ethics, technology and innovation in investment management.
Wednesday, 31 Jul 2019

Awards Report 2018

Once again, it is indeed our immense pleasure to be saluting the very best of the industry, who are relentlessly pushing the envelope in terms of innovation and impact, and are inspiring the rest of the world to go above and beyond in the discipline of finance for good.
Monday, 22 Jul 2019

IFN World Leaders Report 2019

The World Leaders Summit 2019 began on a cautionary note: having gone through a turbulent 2018, following a year wrought with instability as nationalism spread through Europe and the US, financial markets continued its roller coaster ride into 2019.Th is is not to say that it is all doom and gloom. Industry captains who gathered at the World Leaders Summit recognize the precarious environment we are in, and are taking into consideration the volatility in managing their expectations as well as in formulating an effective strategy
Tuesday, 09 Jul 2019

Australia 2019

When Islamic finance professionals gathered in Sydney last year for IFN Australia Forum 2018 (the first in five years), the atmosphere was optimistic, with positive sentiments permeating. But fast forward one year — the enthusiasm has gone rather lackluster. While the regulatory impetus needed for the industry to flourish in Australia is still absent, there are other drivers propping the fledgling, but promising financial inclusion asset class. And with the support of our partners, we are happy to be part of this important journey serving as a platform for essential conversation and discussion to move this sector forward.
Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Oman 2019

The Omani Islamic finance industry is at a crossroads: after years of stellar double-digit growth since its impressive start a short six years ago, it is the expectation of market participants for the expansion level to moderate moving forward as macroeconomic pressures weigh on while the industry irons out some regulatory kinks which may redefine the Shariah banking landscape. We are once again pleased to be producing the IFN Oman Report, which provides an overview of the market and key insights into the exciting Omani Islamic finance sector.
Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

Global Islamic Fintech Report 2018

The song of the industry at the moment is ostensibly one of disruption instigated by fintech, but listen closely and you will realize that the industry is instead singing a tune of collaboration. Like any traditional financial institutions, Islamic financial institutions are bogged down by legacy issues, bureaucratic inertia and operational inefficiencies, while being additionally disadvantaged in terms of economies of scale. Industry practitioners are increasingly embracing the fintech ‘revolution’ to drive their next phase of growth. These were major themes at the inaugural Global Islamic Fintech Huddle which took place in Bahrain. Opportunities abound but so are pain points. Yet, none can deny that it is indeed exciting times ahead for the industry.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019

IFN Annual Guide 2019

The best of times, the worst of times The end of the year is once again upon us, and the last 12 months seem to have flashed past at the speed of light – it seems just a few short weeks ago that we were starting out in January with hope in our hearts and a spring in our step, high off the back of a strong year for Sukuk and an even stronger surge of sovereign issuance. So did that optimism translate into reality? 2018 was, as ever, a year of ups and downs – characterized, perhaps unusually, by the external economic headwinds buffeting the industry as much as by its own internal challenges. Despite a strong recovery towards the end of the year the oil price remained turbulent; while the strengthening US dollar and rising Fed rates put pressure on emerging markets and the ongoing threat of a US/China trade war exacerbated geopolitical tensions. The spat between Qatar and its neighbors shows no sign of settling down, while in November the US added to the fuel to the fire with a full reinstatement of sanctions against Iran. But that is not to say that we have not seen...
Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019

Kuwait 2018

Kuwait may be a nation of only four million, but its Islamic banking and finance prowess is formidable. It holds the fifth largest concentration of Shariah banking assets in the world and with a 39% domestic Islamic finance market share, it is one of only 11 countries identified by the IFSB where Islamic finance has achieved systemic importance.
Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019

IFN Gold Report 2018

The AAOIFI Shariah Standard on Gold ushered in a new era for gold in Islamic finance. This report explores the impact of the standard on the industry, taking a look at new products, opportunities and the game-changing role the yellow metal can play.
Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

IFN Investors Report 2018

There is no denying that Halal investments are becoming a global phenomenon, yet it is also a fact that many investors, including Muslims, are still unfamiliar what Shariah investments entail. The pervasive misconception and lack of public awareness continue to be a hurdle for the sector, compelling many Islamic investment managers to reinvent themselves. One major transformation, or transition rather, is that managers and service providers are aligning themselves with the ESG/SRI movement. We are also seeing industry participants exploring new distribution channels and strategies with technology at the core of their efforts. Needless to say, the status quo of the Islamic investment management space, like its conventional counterpart, is being shaken with the advent of new fintech players. In this report, we have curated a series of analytical and editorial articles highlighting the latest trends and developments in the Islamic investment space. We will also be sharing with readers key themes and insights from IFN Investors Forum 2018 as discussed by industry leaders.
Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Singapore 2018

Singapore’s time to shine? With its laissez-faire approach to Islamic finance, Singapore is almost a foil to Malaysia’s well-known top-down strategy. Shariah compliant financing activities have been sporadic and sparse and nowhere near the levels in neighboring Malaysia or Indonesia. But in the last two years, we’ve seen more movement on the ground: more foreign banks have begun opening dedicated Islamic finance desks in the city, leveraging Singapore’s international stature and infrastructure to tap international flows; more deals are being closed; and more Islamic fintech initiatives are being rolled out. There is little doubt that there are industry players serious about building sustainable and sizeable Islamic finance businesses in Singapore, and the regulator is ready to listen.
Thursday, 22 Nov 2018

Indonesia 2018

Strength in numbers Under the leadership of President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo, the Republic sees Islamic finance as a key pillar in its Halal industry agenda as it looks to build a complete Halal value chain for the country. Steering the efforts are three overarching strategies: strengthen Halal economic segments, enhance the efficiency of Islamic markets and deepen research in Islamic finance and related industries to support the first two strategies. It is with great delight we bring you the IFN Indonesia Report which details key highlights of the IFN Indonesia Forum 2018 as well as features a selection of reports exploring different sectors in Indonesia. We hope this will provide you with more insights into this exciting market.
Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018

Turkey 2018

All aboard the Turkish train The rising star of the global Islamic finance industry, Turkey continues to push the sector with forward-thinking policies and measures which attracted new players to the fold and facilitated new products. The Eurasian nation, however, is operating in a decidedly more challenging environment as compared to two years ago. President Recep Erdogan has to deal with rising dissatisfaction against his administration which culminated in street protests, scramble to reassure investors and the fi nancial markets following a collapse of the lira while maintaining bilateral ties with neighbors and allies as the tense political climate at home and with the US escalates. Yet, industry participants remain cautiously optimistic looking for opportunities in volatility. In this report, we bring you a selection of market reports as well as key highlights from IFN Turkey Forum.
Friday, 09 Nov 2018

UK 2018

The UK: Undisputed champion of the west It is with great delight that we introduce the inaugural IFN UK Report, an insightful review of the Islamic finance landscape in the UK exploring its performance, prospects,challenges and opportunities for future growth and development. Establishing itself as the foremost capital of Islamic finance in the western world, the UK has proven itself a center of excellence with its sophisticated financial infrastructure,robust regulatory environment and world-class minds. Despite the Brexit cloud looming over the country, London is still confident it will maintain its position as a leading hub for Islamic finance. We are pleased to be delivering key insights and discussion highlights from the successful UK Islamic Finance Week as well as share with you a number of articles and analyses on not only the state of the industry in the UK and wider Europe, but also what the UK can offer the global Islamic finance industry.
Friday, 26 Oct 2018

Morocco 2018

Morocco means business. Over the last two years, the Kingdom has introduced a raft of regulations, welcomed fully-fledged Islamic banks, facilitated the engineering of new Islamic financial products and is not showing any signs of slowing down. The Muslim nation has already signaled its intent to enter the sovereign Sukuk space and authorities are readying a pipeline of measures to keep the development momentum going. But like in any fledgling market, there are kinks to iron out in Morocco. Following a rewarding and successful IFN Morocco Forum, we have carefully curated a series of informative and analytical articles to provide a comprehensive and insightful overview of this emerging market which could very well be the beacon of progress in the Maghreb region for Islamic finance.
Wednesday, 25 Jul 2018

Australia 2018

The Islamic finance narrative in Australia is one of potential and hope. The rising affluence of the growing Muslim minority and the expanding pool of social-conscious and ethical investors in parallel to the increasing appetite for Australian investment opportunities from major Islamic finance markets make the Land Down Under an interesting proposition for Shariah-sensitive finance. This has led to a steady emergence of homegrown Islamic financial institutions and foreign-owned entities strategically positioning themselves in Australia to capture inward Middle Eastern and Asian investment flow.Yet, products remain limited and without the right tools, the Islamic finance industry is hindered from realizing its true potential.
Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018

IFN World Cup Report

As the 21st FIFA World Cup kicks off, we are delighted to launch the first-ever IFN World Cup, a light-hearted contest to accompany the 2018 cup final stages — pitting country against country in a battle based on finance, not football. Who will emerge the winner in a competition that values Shariah compliance over sporting prowess, bond issuance over ball skills, Takaful over tackling and regulations over referees? Follow us as we take you on a nail-biting journey to determine the 2018 IFN World Cup winner for Islamic finance!
Friday, 29 Jun 2018

Oman 2018

The enthusiasm for Islamic finance in the Sultanate is almost unparalleled and, coupled with a great thirst for innovation, ingenuity and improvement, we have seen Oman rise rapidly in stature in the regional league of Islamic finance in a relatively short period of time.  From banking to Takaful to Sukuk, the Sultanate has managed to maintain healthy double-digit growth since the formal introduction of Shariah compliant finance less than a decade ago. This is, of course, greatly facilitated by strong support from the regulators. Yet, it isn’t always hunky-dory - there are still bureaucratic kinks to iron out in order to optimize market efficiency.
Thursday, 28 Jun 2018