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Leveraging Islamic Finance to Develop a Sustainable Capital Market

Latest News - Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Daily Cover Story: Qatar First Bank expands US portfolio with first Silicon Valley tech investment

US: A Qatari Islamic bank has made its first investment into a Silicon Valley technology company, underscoring how the commercial attractiveness of tech companies is capturing the interest of Islamic investors across the world. Qatar First Bank (QFB), a seasoned...

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Cover Story: The Halal economy picks up speed

Halal Week at the delayed World Expo 2020 in Dubai last week saw promising commitments from a wide range of stakeholders, as Islamic finance players scramble to position themselves as leaders in the rapidly growing...

Editor's Note

Halal highlights at World Expo

Billions of dollars’ worth of deals have been signed at the ongoing Expo 2020 in Dubai across numerous sectors, and the Halal industry is one beneficiary. In this week’s cover, we take a look at...

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Warba Bank’s Sukuk: Successful issue out of Kuwait

Following the success of its dinar-denominated Sukuk paper last year, Kuwait’s Warba Bank, one of six fully-fledged Islamic banks in the country, issued another successful US dollar-denominated Sukuk facility this year. NESSREEN TAMANO writes. The...

IFN Sovereign Securities

Sovereign Securities: Regular issuers make their mark

Regular issuers from Malaysia, Gambia, Kuwait and Bangladesh sustain their momentum. JEVITHA MUTHUSAMY rounds up Shariah sovereign securities developments over the week. Bangladesh Bangladesh Bank on the 11th...

IFN Country Analysis

China and Hong Kong: Turning to Islamic finance

Between China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) facilitating projects with Islamic financial jurisdictions and Hong Kong’s ambitions of becoming a global financial hub compelling it to tap the Islamic financial market, there is great potential...

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Exchange-traded funds: The fastest-growing asset class?

Having hit the conventional space about 10 years ago, the exchange-traded fund (ETF) shockwave has swiftly reached the Islamic finance industry. MARC ROUSSOT provides an overview of this rapidly expanding asset class. Overview Nascent in...

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October witnessed major fintech activities, notable regulatory developments, new Islamic fund launches and banking initiatives. IFN reviews the biggest Islamic finance headlines this past month. Sukuk New Sukuk hit market Several major Islamic finance institutions...

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The Islamic Finance news Awards honor the best in the Islamic financial industry and are one of the most prestigious awards highly recognized by the global Islamic capital markets. These awards continue to be an apt representation of the current Islamic financial market landscape.

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    Contents of the Sukuk prospectus

    We are discussing Sukuk and I am on offering circular. I would rather call it a ‘prospectus’ based on the reasoning provided by me in the last article that it is not an ‘offer’ to the investors but an ‘invitation’ to them to make an offer. Since the offer actually comes from the potential investors to the originator of Sukuk who has the discretion whether or not to accept it, the name ‘offering circular’ does not really fit this important document. So, I will refer it as the ‘prospectus’. Similarly, I hope you agree with the justification provided by me...

IFN Correspondent Reports

  • UK

    UK Islamic finance in the post-COP26 world

    Can Islamic finance play a role in delivering on the objectives of COP26 [2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference]? The government thinks so; finally, the UK is proposing to create a green Sukuk working group but it has set the expectation that this could be three years away. Three years? And then what? Islamic finance...

  • Takaful & re-Takaful (Asia)

    InnoFest: Toward innovative, inclusive and equitable Islamic insurance

    Earlier in November, the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance organized a virtual Innovation Festival where contestants from across the region pitched innovation ideas for Islamic insurance. The theme of the event was ‘Towards innovative, inclusive & equitable Islamic insurance (Takaful)’, and participants must align their ideas with the concept of ‘Value-Based intermediation for...

  • Halal Industry

    Essential issues to develop Halal industry

    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a change in people's preferences and acceptance of digital platforms. Digitalization has been contributing to the increase of people’s literacy and awareness on the importance of consuming Halal products. The demand for Halal industrial products has been growing like never before, whether in Muslim or...

  • Oman

    Islamic finance disputes

    Under the court system in Oman, as provided for by RD No 90/1999, the Primary Commercial Court is the only body in Oman with primary jurisdiction in relation to commercial disputes (whether they relate to Islamic finance issues or otherwise). Judgments of the Primary Commercial Court are appealable to the Appellate Court (Commercial Circuit) and...

  • Russia

    Moscow Exchange begins trading of Shariah compliant products

    On the 18th November 2021, the Halal Investments Exchange Mutual Investment Fund under the management of Sber Asset Management began trading on the Moscow Exchange. The trading code is SBHI. This fund follows the Moscow Exchange Total Return Islamic Investment Index, which includes shares of Russian public companies that comply with international standards and rules...

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